God of pity, God of grace

God of pity, God of grace. Eliza F. Morris* (1821-1874). This Litany hymn comes from Part II of Morris’s The Voice and the Reply (1858: JJ says published at Worcester; the Bodleian Library gives London). According to JJ, p. 770, quoting from another source, it was written on 4 September 1857. It was published in the New Congregational Hymn Book (1859). It was entitled ‘The Prayer in the Temple’. It subsequently appeared in the English Presbyterian Church Praise (1884), the Scottish Church Hymnary (1898), and many other books, set for Lent. It was described by JJ as being ‘in extensive use’ (though it was not used much by Anglicans). The ‘prayer in the temple’ is a very general one, asking...

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