God and Father, we adore thee

God and Father, we adore thee. Hugh Falconer* (1859-1931). Written for the hymnbook of the English Presbyterian Church, Church Praise (1907) at the request of the compilers. Falconer, a minister of the EPC, was asked to write a Christmas hymn with reference to ‘the family idea’ or to ‘the forbears who are much in people’s minds at this season’ (Companion to CH3, 1979, p. 153). It had six stanzas. Verses 1 and 6 are based on a hymn by John Nelson Darby* (see ‘Brethren hymnody, British’*). The first verse, repeated at the end of Falconer's hymn, was quoted in William Blair Neatby’s History of the Plymouth Brethren (1901), p. 333: God the Father, we adore Thee For the Christ, Thine image...

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