Georgios of Crete

GEORGIOS of Crete. d. ca. 1815. Unlike many post-Byzantine composers, Georgios of Crete did not work as lampadarios or protopsaltes at the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia, Constantinople. Instead, he worked exclusively as a musician and composer. He studied music with Meletios Sinaïtes, Petros Peloponnesios*, Petros Byzantios* and Iakobos Peloponnesios*. Later, he worked as a teacher in Constantinople, on the island of Chios, and in Chania on Crete (where he is buried). His many pupils included Gregorios Protopsaltes*, Churmuzios Chartophylax*, Apostolos Konstas and Konstantinos Byzantios*. Georgios composed according to the new analytical style of Byzantine music and supported the music reform...

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