From north and south, from east and west

From north and south, from east and west.  David Gambrell* (1972– ). The opening line of his hymn recalls ‘In Christ there is no east or west’* by John Oxenham* (1852–1941). Whereas Oxenham’s hymn is a call for worldwide Christian unity, Gambrell’s text is based on the Great Thanksgiving (Eucharistic Prayer), highlighting his desire to understand the connection and collaboration in the body of Christ. Indeed, the title of the hymn recalls the Sursum Corda, ‘We Lift Our Hearts, O Lord Our God’, from stanza 2, which gives an indication of the hymn’s eucharistic focus. Gambrell states in an interview that ‘many members with different gifts, all working for the common good’ (PCUSA 2021). The...

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