For all who watch to-night

For all who watch to-night. Constance Coote* (1844-1936). Written in 1914, and published in The Church Hymnal for the Christian Year (1920 edition), edited by Lady Victoria Carbery*. It was prefaced by Isaiah 21: 11, 12: ‘Watchman, what of the night’: For all who watch to-night -   By land, or sea, or air, O Father, may they know that Thou   Art with them, “even there.” For all who weep to-night -   The hearts that cannot rest - Reveal Thy Love  - that wondrous Love   Which gave for us Thy Best. For all who wake to-night -   Love’s tender watch to keep, Watcher Divine, Thyself draw nigh,   Thou Who dost never sleep. For all who fear to-night,   Whate’er the dread may be, We ask for...

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