For all Thy care we bless Thee

For all Thy care we bless Thee. Sarah Doudney* (1843-1926).  This was first published in Doudney’s Psalms of Life (1871). It had four stanzas:   For all Thy care we bless Thee,   O Father, God of might! For golden hours of morning,  And quiet hours of night: Thine is the arm that shields us  When danger threatens nigh, And Thine the hand that yields us  Rich gifts of earth and sky.  For all Thy love we bless Thee:  No mortal lips can speak Thy comfort to the weary,  Thy pity for the weak: By Thee life’s path is brightened  With sunshine and with song; The heavy hearts are lightened,  The feeble hearts made strong.  For all Thy truth we bless Thee;  Our human vows are frail, But through...

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