For all the faithful women

For all the faithful women. Herman G. Stuempfle* (1923–2007). Several recent hymn writers have contributed hymns that acknowledge the role of women in the biblical narrative and their contribution to the history of Christianity. These include, among others, ‘For ages women hoped and prayed’ (1986) by Jane Parker Huber* (1926–2008), ‘Woman, weeping in the garden’ (1991) and ‘God, we praise you for the women’ (2006) by Daniel C. Damon* (b. 1955), ‘Of women, and of women’s hopes we sing’ (1988) by Shirley Erena Murray* (1931–2020), and ‘Woman in the night’ (1982) by Brian Wren* (b. 1936). ‘For all the faithful women’ appeared in a six-stanza version in Stuempfle’s first collection, The Word...

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