Filothei the Hieromonk

FILOTHEI the Hieromonk. b. Wallachia, ca. 1640; d. ca. 1720. A Romanian interpreter, translator and author of Byzantine hymns and liturgical texts, Filothei studied Byzantine music with priest Teodosie from the Metropolitan Church of Wallachia. He spent a few years in the monasteries on Mount Athos, improving his knowledge of Byzantine music and the Greek and Medieval Slavonic languages. He returned to Wallachia before 1700 and is known as a hieromonk (a monk who has also been ordained as a priest) in a document from 1710. His activity was linked to Constantin Brâncoveanu’s reign (1688-1714) and to Antim Ivireanu (Metropolitan of Wallachia, 1708-1716). A protopsaltis, composer of original...

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