Father in heaven

Father in heaven. Daniel Thambyrajah Niles* (1908-1970). This touchingly simple hymn in three verses was written for the EACC Hymnal (1963) to fit the tune HALAD by Elena G. Maquiso* . The tune had been composed in 1961 for an offering hymn (HALAD means 'offering') in the Cebuano dialect (see ‘Philippine hymnody’). Niles’s hymn celebrates Father, Son and Holy Spirit in its three verses. It was originally in the second person singular (‘Father in heaven,/ Grant to Thy children’). It has been altered to the 'you' form in books such as WOV and HP: Father in heaven,Grant to your children  Mercy and blessing,  Songs never ceasing,Love to unite us,Grace to redeem us -  Father in heaven,  Father...

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