Father, in high heaven dwelling

Father, in high heaven dwelling. George Rawson* (1807-1889). From Psalms, Hymns, and Passages of Scripture for Christian Worship (1853), the ‘Leeds Hymn Book’, inwhich Rawson assisted the Congregationalist ministers who compiled it. It was reprinted with alterations in Rawson’s Hymns, Verses and Chants (1876). It had four stanzas. In some books it is shortened to three, omitting stanza 3: Father, in high heaven dwelling,May our evening song be telling  Of Thy mercy large and free;Through the day Thy love has fed us,Through the day Thy care has led us,  With divinest charity. This day's sins O pardon, Saviour,Evil thoughts, perverse behaviour,  Envy, pride, and vanity;From the world, the...

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