Every morning mercies new

Every morning mercies new.  Greville Phillimore* (1821-1884). First published, with no author’s name, in The Parish Hymn Book (1863), edited by Phillimore, Hyde Wyndham Beadon*, and James Russell Woodford*. The first lines were ‘Every morning they are new/ Fresh as falls the early dew’, changed in The Hymnary (1872) to the present ones. It had four 6-line stanzas. It is almost unknown in Britain, although in addition to The Hymnary  it was in A Church of England Hymn Book (1880) edited by Godfrey Thring*. It was very popular in the USA, from its inclusion by Charles S. Robinson in Laudes Domini (New York, 1884) onwards. It was in the Protestant Episcopal Church Hymnal of 1892, and in the...

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