Es wolle uns Gott gnädig sein

Es wolle Gott uns gnädig sein. Martin Luther* (1483-1546). This paraphrase of Psalm 67, ‘Deus misereatur’, originally ‘Es wollt uns Gott…’, was published as a broadsheet (a man was arrested in Magdeburg in 1524 for selling it), and in one of Luther’s liturgical books on the Mass and Communion, Ein weise christlich Mess zuhaltē (Wittenberg, 1524). It then appeared in Eyn Enchiridion oder Handbuchlein (Erfurt, 1524). It had three 9-line stanzas (Jenny, Luthers geistliche Lieder, no.10, pp. 184-6). It is found in the ‘Psalmen und Lobgesänge’ section of EG (EG 280). The end of verse 1 indicates that this is a Christian re-writing of the Psalm: ‘und Jesus Christus, Heil und Stärk,/ bekannt den...

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