Enthrone thy God within thy heart

Enthrone thy God within thy heart. William Joseph Penn* (1875-1956).  This hymn is dated in the Anglican Hymn Book (AHB, 1965) as ca. 1938, though on what evidence is unknown. The first firm information that exists is found in a letter from the author to the Oxford University Press of 20 January 1948. OUP was in the process of preparing BBCHB (1951), and the letter reads ‘the four-verse version is the one the compilers have finally decided to use’ (Watson and Trickett, 1988, p. 392). This implies that there was at one time a different text, either with more stanzas or in a different metre, probably the former. If this exists, it has never been found.  The four stanzas referred to in the...

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