EACC Hymnal

EACC Hymnal (1963). This pioneering hymnbook was published in 1963 for the East Asia Christian Conference. The general editor was Daniel Thambyrajah Niles*, and the music editor was John Milton Kelly, assisted by his wife Edna and by Shanti Rasanayagam. The book was printed in Japan. The language used was English, the international language of Asia. The words and music were European/American for the first ‘General Section’ of 100 hymns (including 11 ‘Spirituals’), followed by an ‘Asian Section’ of 97 hymns, concluding with three English/Scottish hymns or paraphrases: ‘O God of Bethel, by whose hand’*, ‘Behold the amazing gift of love’*, and ‘Behold! the mountain of the Lord’*. The General...

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