Draw us in the Spirit's tether

Draw us in the spirit’s tether. Percy Dearmer* (1867-1936). First published in SofPE (1931). It was Part II of a hymn of five stanzas, the first two of which were from the hymn by George Hugh Bourne* (1840-1925) beginning ‘Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour’*. Five stanzas of this hymn, which - it is believed - was longer, were printed in the Supplement (1889) to the Second Edition of A&M, and in many later books such as EH. Dearmer printed three stanzas of Bourne's hymn in SofP (1925). In SofPE (1931) he used only the first two, and instead of continuing with Bourne’s magnificent development, he added his own ‘Part II’, consisting of three stanzas by ‘B.R.’ This has usually been...

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