Dies sind die heiligen zehn Gebot

Dies sind die heiligen zehn Gebot. Martin Luther* (1483-1546). This hymn version of the Ten Commandments (‘die zehn Gebot’) was first published in Eyn Enchiridion oder Handbuchlein (Erfurt, 1524). To make it memorable for singing, Luther used a well known tune of the pre-Reformation pilgrims’ hymn, ‘In Gottes Namen fahren wir’* (‘We travel in God’s name’). Thus the title of the hymn in 1524 was ‘Die zehen gebot Gottes, auff den thon, In gottes namen faren wir’ (Wackernagel, Das Deutsche Kirchenlied III.15-16, Jenny, Luthers geistliche Lieder, no 1, pp.149-53). It had twelve 4-line stanzas, each followed by ‘Kyrioleys’. Ten stanzas are given to the Ten Commandments. The two stanzas that...

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