Day of judgment, day of wonders

Day of judgment, day of wonders. John Newton (1725-1807).  Written in 1774 (JJ, p. 282), this dramatic hymn was no. LXXVII in Olney Hymns (1779), Book II, ‘On Occasional Subjects’. Book II was divided by Newton into four sections, ‘Seasons’, ‘Ordinances’, ‘Providences’, ‘Creation’. This was from the ‘Providences’ section. It was entitled ‘The Day of Judgment’. The text in 1779 was as follows:  Day of judgment, day of wonders!  Hark! The trumpets awful sound,Louder than a thousand thunders,  Shakes the vast creation round!How the summons will the sinner’s heart confound!  See the Judge our nature wearing  Clothed in majesty divine!You who long for his appearing,  Then shall say, ‘This God...

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