Day by day, dear Lord

Day by day, dear Lord. Richard of Chichester* (ca. 1197-1253). This prayer was printed on a card of 1915 in the British Library collection, with the words ‘Partly — at least — by St Richard, Bishop of Chichester…’. It was used by Percy Dearmer* in SofPE, in Part VIII, ‘Verses and Other Doxologies’, as the first of ‘Graces and Other Verses’: Day by day,   Dear Lord, of thee three things I pray:        To see thee more clearly,         Love thee more dearly,         Follow thee more nearly,             Day by day. It was set to a tune, STONETHWAITE, composed for it by Arthur Somervell*. It has since found a place in many hymnbooks, beginning with The School Hymn Book of the Methodist...

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