Creator of the earth and sky

Creator of the earth and sky.  Ambrose of Milan* (339/340-397), translated by Charles Bigg* (1840-1908). This translation of ‘Deus Creator omnium’*, a hymn regarded as certainly by St Ambrose, was made by Bigg for EH (1906), where it had eight stanzas, the last of which was a doxology: Creator of the earth and sky, Ruling the firmament on high, Clothing the day with robes of light, Blessing with gracious sleep the night. That rest may comfort weary men, And brace to useful toil again, And soothe awhile the harassed mind, And sorrow’s heavy load unbind: Day sinks; we thank thee for thy gift; Night comes; and once again we lift Our prayer and vows and hymns that we Against all ills may...

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