Courage, brother! do not stumble

Courage, brother! do not stumble. Norman Macleod* (1812-1872). Written for a Christian rally of working men, this was first published in 1857 in The Edinburgh Christian Instructor (Macleod was at one time its editor). With its strong ethical message (‘Trust in God, and do the right’) it was a very popular hymn in the 19th century, and in the first part of the 20th. It had four 8-line verses in the Church Hymnary (1898), set to a tune, COURAGE, BROTHER, by Arthur Sullivan*. RCH shortened it to six 4-line verses, omitting Macleod’s verses 2b and 3a: Trust no party, sect, or faction; Trust no leaders in the fight; But in every word and action Trust in God, and do the right. Trust no...

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