Come sing, ye choirs exultant

Come sing, ye choirs exultant. Latin, 12th century, translated by Jackson Mason* (1833-1889) This is a translation of the Latin Sequence ‘Plausu chorus laetabundo’, thought to be by an imitator of Adam of St Victor* and dating from the 12th century. The Sequence had nine stanzas. The Latin text is printed in the note to the hymn in The Hymnal 1982 Companion, Volume 3A, pp. 467-8). Five 8-line stanzas (1-3, 8-9) were included in the Supplement (1889) to the Second Edition of A&M: ‘Come sing, ye choirs exultant’              (‘Plausu chorus laetabundo’) ‘He chose them, our good Shepherd’    (‘curam agens sui gregis’) ‘In one harmonious witness’                   (‘circa thema...

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