Come, Holy Spirit, Dove divine

Come, Holy Spirit, Dove divine. Adoniram Judson* (1788-1850). ‘Come, Holy Spirit, Dove divine’ is the most widely sung of three hymns written by Adoniram Judson. This four-stanza hymn is extracted from Judson’s seven-stanza baptism hymn ‘Our Savior bowed beneath the wave’*. The original hymn, written ca. 1829 and first printed in Thomas Ripley’s A Selection of Hymns, for Conference & Prayer Meetings, and Other Occasions, Second Edition (1831), appeared under the title ‘Hymn written by Mr. Judson, Missionary; and sung at the baptism of several soldiers, at Maulmein, British Pegu’ (Richardson, p. 110): Our Saviour bowed beneath the wave, And meekly sought a watery grace; Come, see the...

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