Church Army Mission Hymn Book

The Church Army Mission Hymn Book. This was published in Britain ca. 1960 (no date is given, and there is no indication in the very brief preface). It was a successor to Hymns for the Church Army (ca. 1894), edited by Wilson Carlile*, the army's founder, and Hymns and Choruses of the Church Army (n.d., but ca. 1910, and frequently reprinted). The front cover was embossed with the Church Army shield, a crown and crossed swords, and the words ‘Fight the good fight’. The book contained 133 hymns, arranged alphabetically, from ‘All hail the power of Jesu's name’* to ‘Yield not to temptation’*. Unusually for a British hymnbook, the words were printed between the staves. As might be expected, the...

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