Christoph Runge

RUNGE, Christoph. b. Berlin, 10 September 1610; d. Berlin, 1681. He was the son of a book publisher; he followed his father's profession. He printed the first of Paul Gerhardt*s hymns in Praxis Pietatis Melica (1648); he then edited D.M. Luthers und anderer vornehmen geistreichen und gelehrten Männer geistliche Lieder und Psalmen (Berlin, 1653), of which Johann Crüger* was the music editor. This is the book referred to in JJ as ‘the Crüger-Runge G.B.’. The ‘D.M.’ stands for Doktor Martin. It was edited and published at the request of Luise Henriette, Electress of Brandenburg, with the intention of bringing together the Lutheran and Reformed churches in Germany. It contained hymns of Paul...

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