Christ the Lord is risen again

Christ the Lord is risen again. Michael Weisse* (ca. 1480–1534), translated by Catherine Winkworth* (1827-1878). Weisse’s hymn, ‘Christus ist erstanden’*, is found in Ein new Geseng büchlen (Jungbunzlau, Bohemia, 1531), an early hymn book of the Bohemian brethren. Winkworth’s translation was printed in Lyra Germanica II (1858), as the first hymn in the Easter section, entitled ‘The Song of Triumph’. It had seven verses, each followed by ‘Hallelujah’. The First Edition of A&M printed six verses, omitting verse 4, with its reference to the Harrowing of Hell: He whose path no records tell, Who descended into hell, Who the strong man arm’d hath bound, Now in highest heaven is...

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