Christ of all my hopes the ground

Christ of all my hopes the ground. Ralph Wardlaw* (1779-1853). First published in the supplement of 1817 to A Selection of Hymns for Public Worship: Intended primarily for the Church in Albion Street Chapel (Glasgow, 1803). It was in two parts: the first was entitled ‘Christ All, and in all’. Seven stanzas, from parts 1 and 2 were printed in the Church Hymnary (1898), but thereafter it disappeared from Scottish books. SofP has a text of three 8-line stanzas, and SofPE shortens this to two. It was also included in MHB, in eight stanzas, and CP, in four. All books print Wardlaw’s first two stanzas, either in quatrains or in 8-line stanzas: Christ of all my hopes the ground,  Christ the...

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