Christ is our corner-stone

Christ is our corner-stone. Latin, author unknown, translated by John Chandler* (1806-1876) The Latin text, ‘Angularis fundamentum’*, in various versions, is found in a 10th-century manuscript, and in some 11th-century ones. The translation, taken from the Paris Breviary of 1736, is from Chandler’s Hymns of the Primitive Church (1837), where it was printed in the section ‘Dedication of a Church’, and designated for Evensong. It followed the hymn for Matins in that section, which was Chandler’s translation of ‘Urbs beata Ierusalem’*, ‘O city of our God/ Jerusalem the blest’ (John Mason Neale*’s ‘Blessed city, heavenly Salem’*). ‘Urbs beata Ierusalem’ forms the first part of the Latin text;...

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