Christ in Song

Christ in Song (1869). This was the title of a major anthology by Philip Schaff*, published in New York in 1869, with the preface dated 5 October 1868. The full title was ΙΧΘΥΣ. Christ in Song. Hymns of Immanuel: Selected from all ages, with notes. Another page has the Chi/Rho symbol/ ‘Christo Sacrum’/ Φριστòς τà πáντα εν πασιν (‘Christ is all in all’)/ a verse from F.W.H. Myers*’ poem ‘St Paul’: Thro’ life and death, thro’ sorrow and thro’ sinning Christ shall suffice me, for He hath sufficed; Christ is the end, for Christ is the beginning, Christ the beginning, for the end is Christ. Schaff’s preface begins ‘Christ is the centre of sacred art as well as of theology and religion’, and...

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