Christ, who knows all his sheep

Christ, who knows all his sheep. Richard Baxter* (1615-1691). This is from Baxter’s poem, ‘The Exit’, dated ‘Decemb. 19.1682’ and printed in Additions to the Poetical Fragments of Richard Baxter (1683). It begins ‘My Soul go boldly forth,/ Forsake this Sinful Earth’, and the theme throughout is the contrast between the joys of heaven and the pain and sorrow of earth. Verse 11, for example reads: O Blessed Company, Where all in Harmony, Jehovah’s Praises Sing, Still without ceasing: And all Obey their King With perfect pleasing. This is contrasted with verse 21: Gladly my Soul go forth; Is Heaven of no more worth, Than this Curst Desert is, This World of...

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