Christ’s is the world in which we move

Christ’s is the world in which we move. John Lamberton Bell* (1949- ) and Graham Maule* (1958- ) From Love from Below (Wild Goose Songs 3) (1989) and reprinted in When Grief Is Raw (1997), this is a fervent plea for Christians to feel compassion for others. The hymn, with its title ‘A Touching Place’, has four stanzas with a refrain, and ‘Feel for’ are the opening words of stanzas 2-4. It names those for whom we should care, including the people whom we most avoid (stanza 2 line 2), those for whom life seems pointless (stanza 2 line 4), and for those who have lost children (cf. ‘We cannot care for you the way we wanted’*), for the victims of rape, for babies without mothers, for the...

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