Catharine Hannah Dunn

DUNN, Catharine Hannah. b. Nottingham, 7 November 1815; d. 18 May 1863. The daughter of a bookseller and printer, Dunn published Hymns from The German (London: Hamilton, Adams & Co., 1857). It contained 36 hymns. A prefatory note says ‘Translations of a few of these Hymns have already appeared in the “Lyra Germanica,” and would have been withheld, but that this little book will be accessible to many who may not possess Miss Winkworth’s larger collection.’ It is possible that Dunn was being cautious or over deferential here, because there are only two hymns that are identifiable as those of the 1855 Lyra Germanica of Catherine Winkworth*, and even those have had their first line...

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