Can you count the stars that brightly

Can you count the stars that brightly. Johann Wilhelm Hey* (1789-1854), translated by H.W. Dulcken (1832-1894).  Hey produced two collections of songs and lullabies for children, Fabeln für Kinder, in Bildern (1833) and Noch fünfzig neue Fabeln (1837). This hymn, beginning ‘Weißt du wieviel Sternlein stehen’, from the second of these, is still in use in Germany. It is found in EG in the ‘Natur und Jahreszeiten’ section. The best known translation into English is probably the one found in SofPE, but the history of the translations is complicated. James Mearns* in JJ, p. 521, gives four translations into English:  ‘Canst thou sum up each brilliant star’ (translator unknown);  ‘How many...

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