Can I forget bright Eden’s grace

Can I forget bright Eden’s grace. William Williams* (1717-91), translated by Herbert Arthur Hodges* (1905-76). This translation of Williams’s ‘Yn Eden, cofiaf hynny byth’ was first printed for the Hymn Society’s ‘Act of Praise’ at its conference in Cardiff in 1975 with the title ‘Eden and Calvary’. As this title suggests, the hymn is a highly charged and compressed account of the Fall and the Redemption. The translator’s article on Williams (Bulletin of the Hymn Society, 135, 1976) notes that in two hymns ‘the story of our salvation involves that Power which in the English Bible is called the Serpent, but which in Pantycelyn’s Welsh is also the Dragon. In one hymn [the present one] it is a...

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