Bibliotheca Hymnologica (1890)

Bibliotheca Hymnologica is the title of a bookseller’s catalogue of the above date. The bookseller was Charles Higham (1845-1920), who had a shop in Farringdon Street, London, specializing in theological literature. During the late 1880s he acquired, mainly through a series of deaths of hymnbook collectors, a vast collection of hymnals and related books, which he offered for sale (‘the whole now on sale, FOR CASH’). The accumulated contents of the catalogue were described on its title page as ‘a very rich and varied collection of [Gothic lettering] Hymnals, Versions of the Psalms, Volumes and Pamphlets upon Hymnology, Church Psalmody and Music, etc., etc.’. To compile the catalogue, Higham...

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