Bevor die Sonne sinkt

Bevor die Sonne sinkt. Christa Weiß* (1925- ) based on Kurt Rommel* (1926-2011) Rommel wrote a text beginning ‘Bevor die Sonne sinkt’ at a ‘composition weekend’ at Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart, in 1963, and published it in the same year in Lieder von heute (‘Songs of today’). It was entitled ‘Abendlied’, and had four stanzas. This was set to two tunes, one by Friedrich Endorf, another by Martin Striebel and Kurt Schmid. The second of these was used by Christa Weiß, who had worked with Rommel on several occasions at ‘Werk und Feier’ meetings, to rewrite Rommel’s hymn in 1965. She published it in Ȕberdenk ich die Zeit (Regensburg, 1965) and in Neue geistliche Lieder (Regensburg, 1967). It also...

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