Be still, for the Presence of the Lord

Be still, for the presence of the Lord. David J. Evans* (1957- ). This was written in 1985, when Evans was involved in leading worship in what he himself describes as ‘new’ churches (Companion to Church Hymnal, Fifth Edition, 2005, p. 458). It was sung at Spring Harvest occasions, and published in Let's Praise 1 (1988). It became hugely successful, and has appeared in many books, such as Worship Songs Ancient & Modern (1992), with the first line changed to ‘Be still, for the Spirit of the Lord’. This was continued in A&MCP and some other books such as Worship and Rejoice (2001). However, according to Idle (2006, p. 386) ‘the ‘‘presence’’ was a vital component of his [Evans's]...

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