Away with our sorrow and fear

Away with our sorrow and fear. Charles Wesley* (1707-1788).  Funeral Hymns (1744), a small book of 24 pages, contained 16 hymns. It was dated by JJ, p. 1259, as 1744, but by the modern editors of A Collection of Hymns (1780) as 1746 (Hildebrandt and Beckerlegge, 1983; no copy dated 1744 has been found). The text in 1746 was as follows:  Away with our Sorrow and Fear!  We soon shall recover our Home; The City of Saints shall appear,  The Day of Eternity come; From Earth we shall quickly remove,  And mount to our native Abodes, The House of our Father above,  The Palace of Angels and Gods.  Our Mourning is all at an end,  When rais’d by the life-giving Word, We see the new City descend,...

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