Awake, O Lord, as in the time of old.

Awake, O Lord, as in the time of old. Henry Twells* (1823-1900). This was published in Twells’s Hymns and Other Stray Verses (1901), entitled ‘Whitsuntide’. It was preceded by the quotation from Acts 2: ‘And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.’ In 1901 the first stanza was: The day of Pentecost is fully come;   With one accord we gather in one place; And is the Voice of Heaven’s great Teacher dumb?  Or quenched the Flame of His all-conquering grace? It was printed without this stanza, and without the original stanza 4 (stanza 3 below – ‘It is not knowledge…’)  in the Revised Edition of Church Hymns (1903), in four stanzas, with minor...

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