Awake, awake to love and work

Awake, awake to love and work. Geoffrey Anketell Studdert-Kennedy* (1883-1929). This hymn is the last three stanzas of a six-stanza poem entitled ‘At a harvest Festival’ and beginning ‘Not here for high and holy things’. It was first published in Studdert-Kennedy’s The Sorrows of God and Other Poems (1921) and reprinted in his The Unutterable Beauty (1927). The first three stanzas were as follows: Not here for high and holy things  We render thanks to thee,But for the common things of earth,  The purple pageantryOf dawning and of dying days,  The splendour of the sea. The royal robes of autumn moors,  The golden gates of spring,The velvet of soft summer nights,  The silver glisteringOf...

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