Aus tiefer Not laßt uns zu Gott

Aus tiefer Not laßt uns zu Gott. Michael Weisse* (ca. 1480-1534). Printed in Ein new Geseng buchlen (Jungbunzlau, Bohemia, 1531), in nine 7-line verses. It was the first of three hymns under the heading ‘Geseng fur die gefallenen von der angenommenen gnad’ (‘A hymn for the fallen on the grace of adoption’, Wackernagel, Das Deutsche Kirchenlied III. 328-9). Although it begins in a similar manner to Luther*’s paraphrase of Psalm 130, this is not a psalm paraphrase (see Liederkunde zum EG, Volume 11, p. 88). As the title suggests, it is a prayer for help in the context of human sin and divine grace. EG prints seven stanzas, making some alterations and omitting verses 5 and 6. Verse 5 is...

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