At the name of Jesus

At the name of Jesus. Caroline Maria Noel* (1817-1877). First published in Noel’s The Name of Jesus, and other Verses for the Sick and Lonely (Enlarged Edition, 1870). It was entitled ‘Ascension Day’ (it was not the poem that gave the title to the volume, which was a poem called ‘The Name of Jesus’). It had eight stanzas. The Second Edition of A&M (1875) printed seven stanzas, and that has remained a customary text, although some books shorten to five stanzas (MHB, HP) or to four (RS). The omitted stanza from A&M and other seven-stanza texts such as EH was the original stanza 2: Mighty and mysterious In the highest height, God from everlasting, Very Light of Light! In...

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