At the cross her station keeping

At the cross her station keeping. Latin, probably 13th century, translated by Edward Caswall* (1814-1878), Richard Mant* (1776-1848) and others. This is a translation of ‘Stabat Mater dolorosa’*, which in its Latin original is of unknown authorship. It has been attributed to Pope Innocent III (1161-1216), but recent editions of A&M and EH ascribe it to Jacopone da Todi* (died 1306). For the arguments about authorship, see JJ, p. 1082. There are two versions of the Latin hymn: the full version, in three parts, from the Roman Missal and Breviary; and the shorter version for Vespers. The two most important of many translations are those of the full text by Caswall, beginning as above,...

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