As when the weary traveller gains

As when the weary traveller gains. John Newton* (1725-1807).  From Olney Hymns (1779), Book III, ‘On the Rise, Progress, Changes, and Comforts of the Spiritual Life’. It is found in Section IV (‘Comfort’) of Book III as hymn 58, entitled ‘Home in view’. The text in 1779 had six stanzas, as follows:  As when the weary travell’r gains  The height of some o’erlooking hill; His heart revives, if cross the plains  He eyes his home, tho’ distant still.  While he surveys the much-lov’d spot,  He slights the space that lies between;His past fatigues are now forgot,  Because his journey’s end is seen.  Thus, when the christian pilgrim views  By faith, his mansion in the skies;The sight his...

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