Arthur H. Messiter

MESSITER, Arthur Henry.  b. Frome, Somerset, England, 1 April 1834; d. Manhattan, New York, 2 July 1916.  Messiter is remembered for his career as organist and choirmaster of Trinity Church in New York City; for one of the music editions of the Episcopal Hymnal prior to the first authorized music edition; and for the hymn tune MARION. Although the date of Messiter’s birth is sometimes shown as 12 April 1834, an official record shows 1 April 1834 for his birth and 2 May 1834 for his baptism.  His parents, attorney George Messiter (nda) and Mary Ann (Marian) Messiter (nda), represent several Frome families of the name Messiter.  It appears that Arthur’s brother, Frederic Messiter (1839? -...

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