Another six days’ work is done

Another six days’ work is done. Joseph Stennett* (1663-1713). This hymn appeared in fourteen 4-line stanzas in The Works of the Late Reverend and Learned Mr. Joseph Stennett (1732). With alterations, it appeared in a greatly shortened form in several collections, notably the collection by John Ash* and Caleb Evans*, A Collection of Hymns adapted to Public Worship (Bristol, 1769; see Ash and Evans's A Collection of Hymns*), in six stanzas, entitled ‘Hymn on the Sabbath’. It crossed the Atlantic in a five-stanza text in Asahel Nettleton*’s Village Hymns for Social Worship (Hartford, Connecticut, 1824), and thereafter became extremely popular in the USA. Most American books print a text of six...

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