Anna Dober

DOBER, Anna (née Schindler). b. Kunewald, near Fulneck, Moravia, 9 April 1713; d. Marienborn, near Büdingen, Hesse, 12 December 1739. She joined the Moravian community at Herrnhut in 1725, where she assisted Anna Nitschmann* (also born at Kunewald) in founding a young women’s movement, the ‘Jungfrauenbund’. In 1737 she married Johann Leonhard Dober*, later to be a Moravian bishop. She helped him in his missionary work at Amsterdam; she died aged 26 at Marienborn. According to JJ, verses 4 and 5 of her hymn ‘Süsser Heiland, deiner Gnade’ (‘Sweet Saviour, by thy grace’) ‘have become almost a Confession of Faith among the Moravians’ (p. 305). The verses are as follows (text from the Kleines...

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