And now, my soul, another year

And now, my soul, another year. Simon Browne* (1680-1732).  This hymn was found in a number of British books in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was a shortened form of a dramatic hymn by Browne, from Volume 1 of his Hymns and Spiritual Songs, in Three Books, designed as a Supplement to Dr Watts (1720). It was entitled ‘New Year’s Day’. The original text is dramatic and revealing:  And now, my soul, another year  Of my short life is past: I cannot long continue here,  And this may be my last.  Much of my dubious life is done,  Nor will return again: And swift my passing moments run,  The few that yet remain.  Lord, what a fool, a wretch am I,  If one year more is lost: If yet...

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