An image of that heavenly light

An image of that heavenly light. Latin, 15th Century, translated by Richard Ellis Roberts* (1879-1963).  This is the translation of the Latin hymn, ‘Caelestis formam gloriae’* used by EH in preference to the one by John Mason Neale*, ‘A type of those bright rays on high’*, which formed the base text for the hymn in the A&M  tradition, ‘O wondrous type, O vision fair’*. It was the first of four hymns on the Transfiguration in EH, which paid more attention to the Feast of the Transfiguration (6 August) than the First Edition of A&M (1861), which had one hymn only.  Roberts manages to make his translation straightforward and mellifluous, accommodating the complexities of the Latin with...

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