Almighty Father of all things that be

Almighty Father of all things that be. Ernest Edward Dugmore* (1843-1925). Written in 1884 for a small industrial exhibition in Dugmore’s parish, Parkstone, Dorset, and printed in a local publication, Hymns and Litanies (Parkstone Press, 1885). In Dugmore’s Hymns of Adoration for Church Use (1900) it was entitled ‘For the Opening of an Exhibition’. It was used in an altered form in A&M (1904) to make it suitable for the ‘General Hymns’ section. Although omitted from A&M editions after A&MS, it has remained popular elsewhere. It has been included consistently in Scottish books (RCH, CH3, CH4), and is found in CP, BHB, WOV, HP and RS, often with some rewriting and modernizing of...

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