Almighty Father, who for us thy Son didst give

Almighty Father, who for us thy Son didst give. George Bradford Caird* (1917-1984). Written in 1941 as an entry for the Scott Psalmody Prize at Mansfield College, Oxford, set as ‘a hymn to be sung after a sermon on the social implications of the gospel’. It won the prize and was subsequently included in CP. From there it was included in many books, including 100HfT and thus A&MNS, WOV and HP and RS (with alterations to produce inclusive language in two places). Its long lines of 12 syllables (English iambic Alexandrines) require a strong tune: the hymn is normally sung to ANNUE CHRISTE, adapted from a tune in the Paris Antiphoner (1681) and used by John Mason Neale* in the Hymnal Noted...

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